• Continue to work on courses, grades, and competencies.
  • Begin to seek out letters of recommendation ( click here - Tips for Requesting Letters of Recommendation brochure)
  • Begin to focus on things you really want to be involved in outside of the classroom. Below are a list of resources:
  • Begin to focus on a major and possibly a minor. Most of the science majors are credit intensive and do not require you to complete a minor. A minor or double major won’t “make you look better” to an admissions committee but, if it is something you are interested in exploring, that is great and it will probably help you develop strength in some of the competency areas!!


What are the required and recommended courses for each medical school?

Admission Requirements (aamc.org)


What are the required and recommended courses for each dental school?  



Want to find out more about becoming a PA?



Interested in Nursing? Check out: 



Interested in exploring health careers outside of doctor, dentist, nurse?