Interview preparation:

Hopefully, you were able to attend the HPO Interview workshop this past summer.  If not, you can review the presentation on our website:

Also check out:


 Generally, the interview season peaks between October and January (although some schools go later).  November/December is a good time to start considering update letters IF you have significant things to add that were not in your original application: strong fall grades, increased clinical experience, leadership, research, or other experiences.  You can also send updates to schools where you interviewed and put on a waitlist or put on hold for an interview.  BE SURE to check that those schools are willing to accept updates and what kind of information they will accept. Admissions offices like to know that you are interested, as long as you are not making a pest of yourself!


Letters of intent:

These are sent to your number one choice school after interviews and express that, if admitted, you are committing to attend that school.  See this article from U.S. News and World Report for tips on writing a letter of intent:


Choosing your school!

Once you start receiving acceptances, AMCAS has a tool to help you communicate and decide which school is the best fit for you (for allopathic schools)


Start exploring how you will manage your finances for your medical education: