Since 1992, the George Hutt scholarship has been awarded to Rutgers prehealth students who demonstrate a financial need.

In honor of Mr. Hutt and in recognition of his generosity to Rutgers students, his picture now hangs in the HPO. 

George Hutt ‘26 (Liberal Arts & Sciences) always dreamed of being a doctor. The unforeseen death of his father halted his educational pursuits, and he was required to direct his passions and interests to running his family-owned business — U.S. Lace Paperwork in Brooklyn, NY.  Mr. Hutt worked to build an empire but he never stopped regretting that he couldn’t put his energy into medicine. His fascination never dimmed, but he could do little to accomplish his dream.

Later in his life, Mr. Hutt created a bequest to fund scholarship support and nurture pre-medical students. If he couldn’t be a doctor, he was determined to help others who were struggling to accomplish this worthy goal. After a painful and losing battle with cancer, he left Rutgers over $2.5 million to create a significant and important fund. [While the amounts vary from year to year, last year, 110 awards of varying amounts were granted.]

‘George would be so proud to know that he has helped so many students,’ explained Frances Hutt, Mr. Hutt’s widow, with tears in her eyes. ‘I was never blessed with children, but Rutgers students are my children and I look forward to their notes to me. One student even wrote that when he becomes a doctor, he is going to come and take care of me!’

This scholarship is based solely on financial need.  To be eligible, students must be registered with a file at the HPO and have completed the FAFSA through the financial aid office.  No application is necessary and students selected to receive the scholarship will be notified by the Financial Aid Office.