Alumni Shadowing Program

Rutgers Alumni Physicians and Dentists

As you can imagine, Rutgers alumni can be found throughout this country and others.  Some of the alumni have agreed to participate in the new Alumni Shadowing Program to either give a presentation about their path to becoming a health professional (watch for announcements on our Listserv).  Others will offer you a brief externship experience in their field.  Still others will mentor you over the phone. 


Which Undergraduates Are Eligible?

Due to the relatively small number of doctors/dentists currently participating, we currently limit the externships/mentoring to Sophomores  and Juniors with the following credentials:  

·         At least a 3.0 overall and Science GPA 

·         At least one semester of Organic Chemistry with a B or better 

·         Must have an HPO file and met with an advisor. 


How can I apply?

Step 1)  Go to your HPOdrome Profile Page and select the "Enroll in Shadowing" button. 

Step 2) Read and approve the Terms and Conditions.

Step 3) Read the attached slideshow (In fact, this will be useful for any shadowing/volunteering experience)   click here for Powerpoint slideshow

Step 4) Select 3 choices  You will be matched to one mentor by the HPO. 

Step 5) Carefully, read and submit your application once.  

Contact Information:

Loretta Stepka
Sr. Program Coordinator
Rutgers Health Professions Office
A207 Nelson Biological Labs
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.