Online Chat for HPO Students

Do you have a quick question for an advisor? Our advisors would love to chat with you! 


Online chat is for Rutgers, New Brunswick students with questions about their interest in pursuing a career in the health professions and/or specific questions for the HPO.
If you are enrolled at another school at Rutgers, please contact an advisor at your school.

Ask the Advisor

General Questions


A green checkmark means an advisor is available; a red X means that there currently isn't a live chat session to join.

Why should you use the Online Chat?

  • To ask a quick questions you would normally ask on the phone
  • To schedule a Webex or phone appointment with an advisor

When should you use Ask the Advisor?

  • For a quick advising question that is fairly general and does not require a half hour Webex appointment.


It is recommended that current Rutgers students meet with a HPO advisor at least once a year to make sure they are on the right track for their future goals.  Students can meet with HPO advisors more often if they have questions regarding classes, programs, etc. 

There are two ways students can go about meeting with a HPO advisor:

  • Walk-in Hours (10-15 minute appts) -
  • Scheduled Appointments - 1/2 hour appointments that can be scheduled by logging on to Online Live Chat (General Questions)
  • Online Chat

For general questions, our friendly and knowledgeable HPO staff is available Monday - Friday (8:30am - 5:00pm)

We also have helpful and trained Peer Mentors (hours vary)