Health Professions Office

The Health Professions Office

The Health Professions Office (HPO) provides full-time support to the students and alumni of Rutgers University - New Brunswick, who are interested in applying to a variety of health professions programs including: allopathic (M.D.) and osteopathic (D.O.) medicine, dentistry, physician assistant, podiatry, optometry, and public health schools.

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GATEWAY TO DENTISTRY PROGRAM:  Deadline 10/11/16 (for both the winter and summer internships) 

Gateway to Dentistry is a 2-week interactive progam that affords each participant a birds-eye exposure to the various aspects of the practice of dentistry.  This is an intensive internship based at the Rutgers School of Dental Medicine in Newark, New Jersey.  For more information visit http://sdm/  A letter of recommendation is required for this program.  If you wish to ask an HPO advisor to write one for you, please click on the picture above and follow the instructions.  Deadline to request a letter from an HPO advisor is September 29, 2016.




ALPHA EPSILON DELTA (AED):  Deadline for Applications is Friday, 10/14/16


Alpha Epsilon Delta, the National Premedical Honor Society is a national honor society designed to recognize outstanding students who are seeking admission to doctoral programs in the health sciences. Some of the most prestigious universities in the country host chapters of this organization.

If you wish to learn more about AED and other chapters, do a search on the Internet under any of the following titles: AED, Alpha Epsilon Delta, or premedical honor society. The New Jersey Gamma chapter (the Rutgers chapter) is the 174th chapter of AED.  Click here for  AED Membership Requirements  and AED Application.


Recently installed members have certificates waiting for them in the HPO.  Please stop by as soon as possible.





 When filling out the letters of Evaluation portion of your primary application, DO NOT list the names of the individuals who have written the letters in your HPO file.  If your letters are being sent by the HPO to AMCAS or AACOMAS, you must list the Health Professions Office as your "Primary Author/Contact" with as the email (even if you are not having an interview).  Please see additional instructions below specific to the different application services below.


AMCAS and AACOMAS - The Health Professions Office will be using the AMCAS (and for the first name) the AACOMAS portal to process your letters.  These services require that you choose either a "Letter Packet" OR "Committee Letter/Packet".  Choose "Letter Packet" if you are NOT having a committee interview.  The letter packet will only contain selected letters of recommendation on file in the HPO.  Choose "Committee Letter/Packet" if you are having a HPO committee interview.  The "Committee Letter/Packet" will contain a comittee statement and selected letters of recommendation on file in the HPO.  Regarding of which you select, the letters will be coming from the HPO and should be entered as follows on the evaluation section of the online application.  


Firstname:  Health Professions

Lastname:  Office



When assigning a deadline on AACOMAS, please select a date at least four weeks between handing in your DO release form and the actual release of your letters.  Please be aware that during our busiest times (July through September) the may be a longer wait.


For detailed information on questions regarding how to complete your AMCAS 2017 application go to:


AADSAS – All dental applicants must list “W. Robert Jenkins” as your primary contact with in the email regardless of who interviews you.  If you list anyone else, your name will not appear on our AADSAS list of applicants, and we will not be able to upload your letters.  You must list letters forwarded by this office as one Committee Statement (even if there are only letters being forwarded).  Do not list the letters individually. 


 IMPORTANT NOTE:  Both DO applicants (using the AACOMAS portal) and Dental applicants (using the AADSAS portal) will NOT be able to add letters once they are sent.  It is very important to make sure all letters have arrived in the HPO before signing our release form.  All letters must go together at the same time.


 The fee for MD, DO and Dental Release Forms will now be $60.00.  The HPO will accept cash or checks made payable to Rutgers University.  All release forms can be found in the Forms Repository.

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